Welcome Back Assistant Principal Amanda Malsch!

Amanda Malsch returned as Prescott’s new Assistant Principal, May 28, 2019. Ms. Malsch was the AP at Prescott from 2012-2016 until she followed her dream to be a pastry chef. Luckily for Chicago schools, she returned as an AP at Mitchell School for the past year and a half. She also taught in Chicago for many years after changing careers from her work at The Chicago Tribune in graphic arts. Ms. Malsch is certified in Cognitive Coaching, a great collaborator, and a big Prescott booster!

Who was your favorite teacher? 
My favorite teacher was Mr. Larsen in 4th grade.  We used to eat lunch in our classroom and he would let us listen to music at lunchtime.  He also read us some amazing books and we would hang on to every word — especially when he read Stone Fox, by John Reynolds Gardiner.

What did Prescott students do that made you proud last year? Every year students challenge themselves and each other. I think my favorite moment was being in the gym and hearing students cheer on their classmates!  Whether it’s the Prescott Ninja Warrior course or just learning a new skill, students support each other through positive cheers, words of encouragement and sometimes, a hug or high-five!

What are your hopes and dreams for your students? That they develop perseverance, independence and bravery.  All three of these qualities are essential to try new things and taking risks.  If I can help support and nurture these qualities, I know students will be successful when they graduate from the Wolfpack.

What do you hope to accomplish as an educator? To learn something new every day. I love learning from students (Did you know bats use echolocation?) and educators (Do you know the difference between a diphthong and a blend?)!

For my students this year, I promise…to be an active listener.  I want you to know that I care for you and your family and being at Prescott means that you are now also part of my family!

For my colleagues this year, I promise…to support you in your work through coaching. I also promise to listen and learn from the incredible experts that you are!