Mrs. Kirshner 1st Grade Teacher 

Who was your favorite teacher? ​​My favorite teacher is Janet Pariza, a professor I had the privilege of working with during my Masters program. She was an expert in literacy best practices and helped me develop an affinity for teaching reading.

What did Prescott students do that made you proud last year?​​
I am very proud of the growth my students made as writers. They truly engaged in the writing process, applying the skills and strategies we taught during Writer’s Workshop. They challenged themselves in so many ways and created everything from fiction series to lab reports to reviews.

What are your hopes and dreams for your students?​​
I hope to help each of my students continue to develop into independent thinkers and problem solvers. I hope all students feel safe and eager to take risks in the classroom. I hope my students look forward to walking into Room 102 everyday!

What do you hope to accomplish as an educator?
​I hope to help each student establish and achieve challenging, yet attainable goals. I strive to engage with all parents so we can work as partners in supporting students’ academic and social emotional growth. I hope to continue my professional growth by collaborating with colleagues and eliciting feedback that will help me strengthen my teaching practice.

For my students this year, I promise…​​that I will work diligently to support their academic and social emotional growth. I will help them to recognize and embrace each of their individual strengths and needs, and support their development as lifelong learners.

For my colleagues this year, I promise…​​I will maintain a collaborative spirit. I will be an active listener and offer support in any way that I can.

Mrs. Stewart 1st Grade Teacher

Who was your favorite teacher? ​​
Mr. Bonomo was one of my favorite teachers in elementary school because of his love for reading. He inspired many of us to read books that may have been challenging, but, ultimately, made an impact in our reading lives. He was the most excitable man who wanted us to love Tolkien and C.S. Lewis and other fantasy writers as much as he did. He introduced us to new series that we may not have found. His manic energy helped us want to come to school and learn new things. He also went rogue and taught us chess during recess that we all loved playing with him. Mr. Bonomo was a substitute 4th grade teacher and was only with us for half the year. He did a lot in creating an environment for readers and learners, and I still remember him.

What did Prescott students do that made you proud last year? ​​
Last year, I was extremely proud of the way my students worked together in groups for their neighborhood projects. In Social Studies each year, we do a small-scale model of the Prescott neighborhood. Kids pick what they are interested in making, whether it is a local restaurant, the school playground, the park, etc. My kids were so inventive when working with different types of materials like cardboard, legos, clay, and more! They came up with very creative ideas of representing all the different areas of our neighborhood and worked together as a group. They reached out to the teacher when they needed help and never gave up in their persistence for a completed project they would be proud of.

What are your hopes and dreams for your students?​​
I hope to challenge students to be more persistent in finding answers to all sorts of problems or questions. Students who try multiple methods of finding an answer are learning critical skills for their future and can thrive in environments where challenges abound. I hope to set up safe spaces for students to try or voice new ideas. I also hope to create team-building projects that set in motion this type of learning.

What do you hope to accomplish as an educator? ​​
This year I would like to continue to focus on feedback to students and parents. I believe the quarterly portfolios we use are helpful to parents, but I would like to use my website as more of a tool bin for parents and students to access in order to assist with homework, understanding of strategies we introduce at school, and generally knowing what is happening in the classroom. I believe feedback can be given in many ways. Making students more aware of what feedback is and why it is important gives students more meaning and motivation in the classroom.

For my students this year, I promise…​​to listen and stay connected to your outside lives. Time always feels tight, but I will always be there to have conversations and listen and laugh with you whenever I can.

For my colleagues this year, I promise…​​to try new things and take a step away from my comfort zone in order to continue as a lifelong learner.