Help us create a 21st-century learning environment for our students

Join our Gym/Auditorium Project Wolfpack

Prescott is seeking a full-sized gym and auditorium to provide a well-rounded, 21st-century learning environment for its students. The current gym is a half-sized gym on the 3rd floor (above classrooms). It is too small for sports teams to practice and host games, hold full-school events with families, and conduct high-quality physical education. 

Our current situation

Help us reach our goal

A group of parents and staff members has recently created a Prescott Wolfpack for this project. There are many ways for you to get involved, including:

Visit the link and video below to learn more information about this initiative. Take a look and let us know how you’d like to get involved. Let’s make this happen for our children and future generations of Prescott students!

See our vision

  •  In Spring 2022 we asked parents, staff, and students what they thought about the current facilities and what improvements they would like to see. Click here to see what they said.
  • Prescott Parents hired an architectural firm to develop an initial proof of concept. See the results here.

Watch the Prescott Gym and auditorium Kick-off YouTube video to see all the details of our vision.

Join us in creating a 21st-century learning environment for our students