Dear students, families, and friends of Prescott School,

Welcome to Prescott School!

The Prescott community—faculty, staff, administration, parents, and partners—are dedicated to creating rigorous, high-quality learning for children. At Prescott, we’re committed to getting students to grade-level or above on their way to a college-preparatory high school. We know that this goal starts in Pre-Kindergarten and extends through 8th grade. The Prescott faculty, staff, and parent leaders strive to build excellent learning experiences that ready our children for college preparatory high schools, college, and beyond. To this end, we attend to children’s academic, social, emotional, and physical needs.

These goals are incredibly important for our children for a number of reasons, including in terms of long-term earnings. In fact, they’re worth over $1 million! Over their career, those students who succeed in a college-preparatory high school and graduate from college will make $1 million more than students who graduate from high school (US Census Bureau, 2010).

It’s exciting to see the increase in student learning at Prescott as well as the increase in student enrollment. To help Prescott students and families, Alliant Credit Union Foundation, the Erikson Institute, and DePaul University are key partners. In addition, parents are involved with children’s education through the Local School Council and Prescott Parents.

I look forward to talking with you about ways to be involved in making Prescott a place for learning, reflection, and stewardship.


Mr. Roche