Prescott’s social & collaborative project organization for dads

In May 2018, a new social Pack for fathers was founded by Jim Javenkoski with the goal of expanding the collective contributions of dads—through volunteerism, fundraising, & resource donations—to help support the classroom and extracurricular needs of the teachers and the school’s other Packs. Each month, the ‘Prescott Pops’ gather at nearby Pizzeria Serio (Belmont & Paulina) to chat about how to support educational and extracurricular programs at the school, while hoisting crafty pints and scarfing piping-hot slices of brick oven-baked pies.

Join Prescott Pops!

Whether your interest is after-school sports, the arts, the library, the playground, grant writing, facilities improvement, or gardening, composting & school food, there are many ways Prescott Pops can enhance the educational experience for our kids.

What: Night out for Prescott’s dads with pizza and all gatherings feature a local, hand-crafted brew
WherePizzeria Serio (1708 W Belmont Ave, just west of Paulina) 
When: Monthly – Check the Upcoming Events Schedule on the Homepage

Prescott Pops’ motto:

“…for the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.”

~ Joseph Rudyard Kipling (1865–1936) in The Second Jungle Book.

We’re in it together, Prescott Pops. Come join our Pack.

Email Jim Javenkoski, father of Gavin & Jackson (4th graders), or text 773.580.3201