September 2021

Dear Prescott Families:

Prescott Parents and Principal Roche together will again launch a UNIFORM FREE OPTION (UFO) Day.  The second and fourth Friday of every month (if school is in session), starting September , Prescott students will have the option of paying $1 to be Uniform Free for the day.

Option 1Online payments, Sep. 3 – 10 only

A new online payment option for the yearly UFO fee available from Sep. 3 – 10 only.

·       This option is available on the Prescott Parents website using the Donate button —  

·       See the attached instructions on how to select the appropriate payment.

·       All student names MUST be added in the optional memo at payment as noted in the attached instructions.

Option 2: Cash payments

·       Cash payments will be collected at the Kiss-n-Go drop off on the day prior to the scheduled UFO day. Payments will no longer be collected at lunch.

·       The only day to pay in cash for the full year is Thursday, Sep. 16.

·       Place all payments in an envelope marked with the student(s) name(s).

·       Payments must be exact change. Volunteers collecting payments will not have cash on hand. Checks cannot be accepted.

Email Prescott Parents with questions —

Please see the updated UFO document attached as 3 UFO dates have been modified (highlighted below).

The student’s teachers will have a list of who paid to be Uniform Free.  The following are the UFO Days to remember:

Some things to keep in mind:  UFO is meant to be a fun day for the students of Prescott.  Anyone who chooses to dress Uniform Free, and did not pay, must change into a uniform.  Clothing worn on UFO Day also must be appropriate.  If you do not know if it is appropriate, DO NOT wear it.  Any student without appropriate clothing will need to change into a school uniform.  He or she will also not receive a refund for the Pass.

Prescott Parents will use the funds raised for numerous projects within the school to help the gaps in the budget.

Remember the first day to pay your dollar for UFO day is September 9, 2021 (9/9/21)!

Please contact Jennifer Bushek at or Principal Roche at 773.534.5505 with any questions.


Jennifer Bushek                                 Erin Roche