Who was your favorite teacher? ​​
I’m lucky to have several. This year I’ll mention Dr. Lanny Beyer, a college professor for three of my education classes at Knox College. He treated students as equals. He also was very demanding of our writing and thinking. He made everyone give opinions in class and made them cite their sources for their interpretation. He asked very challenging questions that we could answer only by reading several lengthy, complicated texts and always primary sources– Women’s ways of Knowing, The Education of African-Americans in the South. Dr. Beyer helped me forge a strong purpose of schools and schooling.

What did Prescott students do that made you proud last year?​​
There are so many students who should be very proud of their learning and growth last year. I love visiting classrooms to see student faces light up with their teammates as they understand a complex idea or solve a tough problem.

What are your hopes and dreams for your students?​​
I want Prescott students to continue to learn to persevere through each challenge by trying new strategies, by asking for help from tablemates, and by taking a break and coming back to the challenge.

What do you hope to accomplish as an educator? ​​
I am going to be visiting the US Department of Education in Washington, DC several times this year as a School Ambassador, so I’m excited to learn about ways that individual schools fit into the large, complex federal government as well as school improvement at scale.

For my students this year, I promise…​​to be available to help, to cheerlead you to success, and to challenge you to grow yourself in all your subjects as well as a human being.

For my colleagues this year, I promise…​​to use Cognitive Coaching to help you think through complex instructional challenges, so you continue to improve your instructional practices to help more students grow more!