Prescott Uniforms

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The Prescott School dress code offers our students an option of 4 different colored logo’d polo shirts.  Prescott Parents has worked closely with Barrel Maker Printers to design a Dress Code Program that is colorful and affordable.  Proceeds from this program will go directly to Prescott Parents to fill fundraising needs.

The colors available in the unisex short sleeve polo shirt are red, yellow, white and grey.  Long sleeve polo shirts are available in red and white. All shirts have the new Prescott emblem in the top left of the shirt.

Sweatshirts, too!

To accommodate the winter weather, crew neck sweatshirts in grey and red (with the emblem) are also available.

You can see all available colors and sizes and order by visiting


Uniforms will be delivered to your house within 10 business days, so plan ahead if you need new uniforms.

Dress Code Rules

· All bottoms MUST be navy blue and MAY NOT have any other design element including sequins, stripes, polka-dots or lettering/wording

· We are looking to standardize the look of our students to avoid confusion and frustration within the school community

· If you are concerned if an article of clothing is appropriate, feel free to bring in a picture and ask your teacher for approval

· Short-sleeve, collared, navy blue dresses that don’t require a shirt underneath will no longer be included as part of Prescott’s school dress code

· You can purchase navy bottoms from any retailer including Target, Old Navy and Lands End.

UFO Days

 We will continue hosting UFO Days throughout the school year (2x per month usually) to allow kids the freedom to dress as they like. You can pay the Thursday before UFO day in the lunchroom (volunteer Lisa will collect from students), or buy online