Ms. Swanson – 4th Grade Language Arts Teacher

Who was your favorite teacher?
Ms. Fox, I had her both for 4th grade and 6th so I developed a strong connection with her and felt that she really knew and cared about me.

What did Prescott students do that made you proud last year?
The enthusiasm and excitement students had for reading and writing units. I witnessed kids devour books both in the classroom and through Battle of the Books. I love getting the right book into kids hands and watching their engagement grow.

What are your hopes and dreams for your students?
I hope that my students will become independent readers, writers, and thinkers. That they will go above and beyond and surprise me everyday. I hope that they will care for one another, our classroom community and their school. I hope that they will feel connected as a grade level and collaborate with their peers in positive ways.

What do you hope to accomplish as an educator?
I hope to continue to made connections with new students, staff, parents and the larger neighborhood. I hope to make a difference in the educational journey of my students and to help them grow to their maximum potential..

For my students this year, I promise…​To give my all each and every day. To be prepared and to give them the tools and guidance they need to feel successful as readers and writers. I promise to make them feel welcome and safe.

For my colleagues this year, I promise…​To collaborate with you, share my ideas with you, be a thought partner with you and learn from you!

4th Grade Science, Math and Social Studies Teacher