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Fresh Paint at Prescott

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Who was your favorite teacher?
Dr. Larry Fox, my French teacher, made middle school less scary. He helped students navigate the complex social issues that arise in those grades by making his classroom a safe space from bullying. Through the French language, he opened our eyes to a larger world outside the school walls and inspired us to read books, travel the world, and to be lifelong learners.

What did Prescott students do that made you proud last year?
​I was proud of our students for their thoughtful Earth Day art. The students used art to inspire others to think about climate change, and they engineered solutions to common environmental problems. Not only did they show off artistic talent, but they showed the school community they care about our planet.

What are your hopes and dreams for your students?
I hope that Prescott’s student artists can gain confidence in their work and that they will learn to take chances they wouldn’t usually take. Creative thinking requires trial and error that is tough to tackle in a school setting where they work with peers and are graded on their work. I hope they feel comfortable and challenged in the art room to try new things.

What do you hope to accomplish as an educator?
I hope to continue to build Prescott’s art program through engaging projects, in a variety of artistic mediums, rooted in art history. I hope to align my curriculum with classroom learning and to collaborate with classroom teachers to make art part of their classroom curriculum.

For my students this year, I promise……​to try new projects and mediums so that class stays fun and interesting. I promise to be honest and fair in my feedback and in my assessing, and I promise to make room for creative expression in projects that have specific goals.

For my colleagues this year, I promise……​to engage the students in creative and active projects and to send them back to your classroom ready to learn as creative, problem-solving artists!