All Prescott Future Problem Solver teams brought home a medal from the State competition April 5th and 6th in Bloomington, Illinois.

Congratulations Prescott Future Problem Solvers…

Ruth Gussis, Elizabeth St. Marie, Ethan Cho, Mallory Carey, Dimitri Govas, Chris Musynski, Ava Marcus, Mony Marren, Daniel Rink, Rhea Kochar, Natalie Crosby, Alissa Schneider, Dylan Gonzalez, Lodan Dimas and Mia Cruz.

Congratulations to 7th grader Christa Kulanda who won 2nd place in the State individual competition on March 2nd and will now compete at internationals in Amherst, Massachusetts!

Thank you Future Problem Solving coaches, teachers Sara Hainsfurther and Kelly Schuster for your time and commitment.

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