Years ago, Prescott Parents embarked upon our very first significant fundraising project – the “We are the authors of your lives!” tile mosaic!  The beautiful colors, the sparkling mirrors and the inspiring design carried us through a few very difficult transitions and many more exciting adventures.   

As most of you have likely noticed by now, this wonderful work of art has been striped from the school due to construction work that simply couldn’t be avoided.    While we are happy that CPS finally recognized the need for this work, we are all devastated that we couldn’t save the design.  Driving down Ashland will not be the same without the twinkle and sparkle from that mosaic.

We would officially like to announce that we will be fundraising to create an even more vibrant, more meaningful and more shimmering mosaic!  We anticipate this work to cost in excess of $10,000 so we will be kicking off our campaign in the next few weeks with the hopes that work can start in the spring.  

If you would like to make a donation, please click here.  Please add “Tile Mosaic Donation” in the notes section before you make a payment.  

Thank you for your support!

Prescott Parents

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