November 1, 2019

Dear Prescott families and friends,

These past few weeks have been a fresh reminder to me that we– teachers and parents, staff and students, administrators and community members– form a team to benefit our students and community. We work together and agree on 99% of collective decisions. When we disagree, we both listen and self-advocate; we empathize and we assert our perspective; and we concede to evidence and we wrestle with ideas.

We as adults must model these exchanges for our children and each other. We also must think reflectively about what we say and how we say it, because our talk and our actions reflect the values we want our children to emulate.

On Friday, we came together again to bustle Prescott School’s classrooms and hallways with children’s learning. As we re-establish teaching and learning, we will collaborate to plan the Literary Character Parade and this year’s first Celebration of Learning. Parents, teachers, and SECAs will join with students at Parent-Teacher Conferences to discuss student learning growth. You will have much to celebrate together and much to plan together for future growth. We can relish together the joy of teaching and learning.

As school restarts, let’s continue our commitment to holistic student growth. Our common foe is low student growth, not each other. Together, we can overcome low growth. Indeed, we have! The United States Department of Education just recognized Prescott School community for doing that over the past ten years: we won the National Blue Ribbon School award!

Let’s do it again! Please join me in re-committing to Prescott’s mission to
nurture creative minds and caring hearts that contribute significantly to their communities, through: rich and rigorous academic experiences that are tailored to individual needs, divergent thinking and artistic expression, work in collaborative teams, and supportive partnerships.

I am rekindled to continue our collaborative work!


Erin Roche Principal

Read and download the Prescott November Newsletter below.

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