Prescott Community, 

    Tomorrow 1/10 we will start the Prescott Benefit raffle collection process in front of the school from 8:15-8:50 am. We will have a table with volunteers collecting and handing out raffle tickets. Please feel free to hand your envelope to kiss n go volunteers as well. 

Morning collection tables will be out Monday-Thursday from 8:15-8:50 am. Tables will also be out on Fridays at dismissal time from 3:30-3:50 pm. 

There are TWO WAYS to sell (or buy) your $10 raffle tickets.

1. You can go to the Prescott Fundraiser GiveSmart link

2. You have 10 tickets in your student’s envelopes. Please keep the larger part of the ticket and return the small ticketstub with the purchaser’s FULL NAME and EMAIL/PHONE # AND the money for each ticket. You can pay cash OR a check; made out to Prescott Parents. Make sure student’s name and Homeroom are on each envelope. 

All envelopes are due by Thursday January 30th. Envelopes turned in late will not count towards the competition.

We raised over $18,000 last year on Raffle Tickets! 

Let’s gather our community together and surpass last years total! 

Thank you for your continued support!

Prescott Benefit Co-Chairs

Maggie Palmas and Hannah Kim

P.S. SAVE THE DATE – Prescott’s Annual Benefit @ The Ivy Room on

Saturday, February 29th. By your tickets by visiting tp://

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