Tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday, January 21-22, students in grades 1-3 will take the NWEA-MAP assessment in reading and math. The results are helpful, because they provide students, teachers, and parents data about student learning progress.  

In May, the students will take the NWEA again and then the results determine promotion for students in grades 3, 6, and 8. For 7th graders, they determine high school application eligibility.  For the entire school, the 2nd-8th grade results determine Prescott’s accountability and ranking.  

For the Winter NWEA, teachers and students use the data to adjust instruction to individual students in order to improve learning between now and the May NWEA. Parents will receive detailed information with the 2nd quarter report card.

This week, students are taking the NWEA according to the below schedule.

Tuesday: 9am-11:30 grades 1-3

Wednesday: 9am-11:30 grades 1-3

To ensure that they do well on the NWEA, please 

  • Make sure your child, if healthy, is in school on test days.
  • Make sure your child sleeps well on the nights before testing.
  • Make sure your child gets a good breakfast on test days.
  • Remind your child to ask teachers if he or she does not understand the instructions for the test.
  • Remind your child not to worry about the test—must to do the best he or she can do.

Please remember to enter and exit the school quietly each morning.  Thank you for supporting the students’ success.

Last week, students in grades 4-8 took the NWEA.   

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