As winter settles in and we prepare for our Annual Benefit on Feb 29th, it’s important to take stock of our success and recognize how critical our individual roles are in providing a stable, rigorous and comforting learning environment for our children.  This event allows us to celebrate our success, engage with new friends and build partnerships with school staff.   Prescott School is a success story and each one of us has played a role in getting us here. 
But, this wasn’t always the case.

I remember my first visit to Prescott in 2006.  The walls were crumbling, the tile floor was buckling and the classrooms were dirty and disorganized.  From the outside, the school was bland and institutional.  On the inside, I witnessed teachers instructing students but the learning was questionable.  At that time, Prescott’s Principal was simply biding his time towards retirement and had no interest in collaborating with the community to transform the school.  He actually had the nerve to say to me “neighborhood families would never choose Prescott.”  

Days later Prescott Parents was founded with the mission “Let’s make Prescott a viable school option for our kids”.  It was simple yet truthful, meaningful yet ambitious, overwhelming yet satisfying.

Who remembers Prescott Playtime?  We opened the school on Saturday mornings and created a play area in the gym for neighbors to bring their children.  Our sole purpose was to expose the school to more families.  

Who remembers the day the first phase of our vibrant and sparkling tile mosaic was installed in the parking lot?  That was the day Prescott’s light started shining down on Chicago.   

Who remembers the unbelievable outpouring of support offered by our families and community when CPS slated us for closure?  

And more importantly, who remembers the day we were removed from the closing list?  I still recall the elation I felt as the Alderman’s office notified me that our efforts were successful and Prescott would not be closed. 

At that point,  Prescott had become a viable school option for our kids! 
Currently, our little school provides a safe landing spot for Chicago families.  Kids are comforted by Principal Roche and Ms. Malsch every morning as they enter the school, teachers provide differentiated learning opportunities coupled with a compassionate environment for our students, and our dedicated families support our collective efforts with their time and energy day after day.  These are the pieces that make up the Prescott puzzle.  

Looking back to my first visit to Prescott in 2006, I never would have imagined how far we could take Prescott.   Consistent growth in our enrollment and academics coupled with our recent Blue Ribbon award shows us that anything is possible. 

Despite our success, we still face financial hardships every year as we strive to exceed the needs of all Prescott students.  Ensuring that we have the funds for supplies, equipment, sports uniforms, building repairs (among other things) is a constant struggle which is why we solicit your donations.  Our Annual Benefit on February 29th provides us with a festive occasion to celebrate with Prescott supporters and raise the necessary funds for our children. 

Prescott has become a beacon of success and a light of hope and strength for our students.  Please join us at our largest fundraising event Prescott Benefit, Saturday, February 29, 2020 from 7:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. at The Ivy Room, 12 E Ohio St # 100, Chicago, IL 60611 to showcase our power as a school community.

Jennifer Lister
Founder, Prescott Parents

P.S. Please see the attached document below to see 5 Ways to Support the 2020 Prescott Benefit!

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