If you’d like to assist Ms. Ammon’s art class for K and 1st graders, below is information on what this entails and how to sign up!


As a volunteer, you will circulate the classroom to help keep students on task and assist with supplies and directions for their current project. This a fun opportunity and a tremendous help to Ms. Ammons and her students!

As a reminder, you must be registered as a CPS volunteer (see instructions below if you aren’t).


Art class is daily from 1:35 – 2:35 pm, scheduled on the following rotation:

Q2, K – Ms. Bertrams

Q3, 1st – Mrs. Kirshner

Q4, K – Mrs. Buttroff’s


1. Click this link to view the sign up: https://signup.com/go/ToCQNKL

2. Choose your spot. SignUp.com will send you an automated confirmation and reminders.

3. Enter your email address. You will NOT need to register an account.Note: SignUp.com does not share email addresses. If you prefer not to use your email, I can sign you up manually.

4. If you have not filled out a required CPS volunteer application, do so online at http://www.cpsvolunteers.org .

Next, visit Prescott’s main office so they can get a copy of your photo id. If you have any questions or issues signing up, send an email to jenbowers2@gmail.com.

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