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September 11, 2020

 We are pioneers of Remote Learning and we have completed our first week together!

Families, we need your help during Remote Learning. When you’re experiencing frustration with technology, please go through the steps below. Teachers are teaching students, so they are not able to interrupt teaching to problem-solve with you. If you’re frustrated, please take a deep breath, look out the window at a bird, get a glass of water, and tell yourself that it’s okay if your child is a few minutes late. Then pat yourself on the back when you finally get your daughter or son connected! You’re figuring out technology and being a good parent!

Technology tips.

Student Password Reset Guide – Step-by-step instructions on how students reset their password before it expires, after it expires and if it is forgotten.

Logging into devices (Ipads or Chromebooks):

● Make sure your child has entered their correct password (keep your child’s password in a safe place that you can remember)

● When students log in to a device, they should not type the “” part in their username. For example, a student’s username is jgomez3. NOT:

Student Account Access One-Pager – Instructions for students and guardians on how to access their CPS account and steps they should take if they need assistance.

How to Log in to Your CPS Account – Step-by-step instructions for students on how to log in to their CPS account to access their CPS apps.

Zoom support Logging into Zoom:

Quick start guide for new users – Zoom Help Center

Zoom tutorials

● Prescott-issued Chromes will ask to install an extension when the device is used for a Zoom meeting.

The user does not have to install the extension, instead, they click the link that says, “If you cannot download or run the application, join from your browser.”

● Per security requirement, pro users will need to have passcode (FOR ZOOM) and no way to remove it. “

Click for Google classroom support

The Prescott Learning website has entrances for your students to their See Saw or Google Classroom as well as many resources to help you log on.

Our successes the first week of school:

● Attendance Friday, Sept 11 was over 97%!

● Over 490 of 510 families picked up students’ instructional materials’ bags

● 508 of 510 logged in at least once in first two days; all 510 logged in by day three

● 100% of families connected with teachers in one and working on solutions

● Families have received over 200 chromebooks and 110 IPads to use at home

 ● Asst Principal Amanda Malsch, Clerk Tiara Collum, Security Joann Velazquez, and Fellow Gaby Johansson fielded hundreds of calls and emails to support students and families logging in.

● Teachers and students established norms and expectations for entering class, using technology, and getting to know each other.

Our goals for weeks 1-2

● Establish smooth technological connections with 100% of students

● Ensure that 100% of healthy students are logging in to all classes

● Establish routines, norms, and expectations for Remote Learning

● Get to know each other, practice socializing and problem-solving, building relationships

There are less than 15 remaining bags of instructional materials to be picked up. If you missed the instructional materials pick-up last Fri, September 4, please email Clerk Tiara Collum at or call 773-534-5505 to schedule a time to pick them up. All children need their instructional materials.

Next instructional materials pick-up date is tentatively scheduled for Friday, September 25 from 9am-12pm. More details will be forthcoming.

Spirit Week is next week!

Mismatch Monday –> Do you like wearing purple and yellow at the same time? How about polka dots and stripes? Then this is your day! Show up to your class in your best mismatched outfit!

Crazy Hair Tuesday –> Bed head anyone? Whether it’s spiked, straightened, curly or wild, come to class on Tuesday with your craziest hairstyle!

Fanatical Fan Wednesday –> Do you like Beyonce, Harry Styles, The Weeknd? How about the Chicago Bears, Sox or Cubs? Or maybe you’re a fan of art, superheroes, dance or movies! Come to class dressed to honor your fandom!

Pattern Pop Thursday –> Forget the solid color Prescott t-shirt today and show off your favorite pattern! Is it symmetrical? Organic? Plaid? Polka Dots? Tie dye?

Workout Wear Friday (Field Day) –> This is Field Day! Gear up for activities in your favorite workout wear!

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