November 6, 2020

Dear Parents,

We thank you for your commitment to learning so far this year! During the first quarter, staff worked closely with students and families to build relationships, problem-solve technology and practice and strengthen many of the routines necessary for remote learning. Next week, we’ll begin the second quarter of the school year. It is crucial that teachers diagnose students’ learning levels through a variety of formal and informal assessments. In order to do this accurately teachers must use work that students have produced independently. We ask that when staff are assessing students learning, parents allow their child to participate independently.

Also, take the transition to the 2nd quarter as an opportunity to ensure that your daughter or son has a good learning space in your home. With them, look at their learning space and ask these questions:

● Is it well lit?

● Is it comfortable but not too comfortable?

● Do they have the right tools like paper, pencils, an outlet for the chromebook or Ipad?

● Are reading books accessible?

● Can she or he have a water bottle to keep hydrated?

Engage your child in answering these questions so they set up and “own” their learning space.

Parents of 8th graders, Check out these SY20-21 HS Open Houses! Remember that Prescott’s High School Night is next Thursday, November 12 at 5pm. Teachers will send on Monday or Tuesday the recorded video pre-work to orient you before Thursday’s High School Night.

Amanda Malsch, Asst Principal
Erin Roche, Principal

Note from Mr. Scanlon

Hello Presco Parents!

Considering these trying times, do the best you can to encourage your student athlete to take movement breaks between each class (or every hour). 3-5 minutes will do it, and before you know it, the recommended 60 minutes of exercise every day will be reached.

Engaging in physical actvity has so many benefits, not just physical fitness, but also has been proven to enhance mood and the ability to cope with stress, something we can all use these days!

Please feel free to reach out for any resources on movement breaks. See Riley moving in this video link below Riley J (4th gr).MOV. One of the best is, with tons of great exercise, dance and yoga videos!

Thanks, and keep em’ movin!

Mr. Scanlon

Art at Prescott

The second grade studied Matisse and learned that he created a studio “set” to inspire his work. It included collections of wild patterns, interesting furnishings, and also some pets! These are their “Patterns, Props and Pets” studio designs in the calendar below.

November Calendar

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