You can see our future Jet Propulsion Lab scientist Brooke C ask her question at approximately the 8:00 minute.  ( Then you can see NASA answer Brooke’s question, because just minutes ago at 2:55pm Chicago time, NASA’s Perseverance Martian rover landed successfully.  Thanks, Mr. Giacobbe, and way to go, Brooke!

From Prescott Teacher Nick Giacobbe:

Good afternoon,

I thought I’d share some good news. One of our Prescott students was on national TV this morning.

Brooke C from 4th grade was briefly featured on the NASA kickoff show earlier this morning for the Perseverance rover landing. It was broadcast live on YouTube, the NASA website, and the NASA TV channel. Her question was the first one that was answered on the show by Joey Jefferson, who is currently the Lead Mars Deep Space Network Scheduler for NASA at JPL. 

A couple of months ago there was a call from NASA for student questions about the current mission. During our informational writing unit, we took some time to build background information about the upcoming rover landing. As we came upon questions that we couldn’t research fully without the help of an expert, we sent those along to NASA. Brooke’s question was one of only three questions that they selected for the show.

I’ve attached a link ( to the full show that aired earlier this morning as well as an edited downloadable version with only Brooke’s question and the answer. 

I’m so excited that this worked out and thought that I’d share! 

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