Today, Friday June 11 our 8th graders celebrated the end of their time at Prescott with a picnic lunch and mosaic building. Thank you to 8th grade parents Michelle Rigot and Sarah Portugal for coordinating the luncheon and other parents and teachers who helped make the day special for our 8th graders!

Thanks to a generous $7,500 donation from an anonymous donor, 8th graders worked together to design and build a very large mosaic—to replace the previous one that graced Prescott for years— for the brick wall on the NW section of the playground.

The 8th graders designed the mosaic with several themes. They chose ants and an anthill as a symbol of collaboration and community. The blue ribbon path is the National Blue Ribbon School award they achieved for the school over the years. They included learning symbols such as a protractor, pencils, a paintbrush, and a chemistry beaker. You’ll also notice their desire to emphasize inclusion of all races with the Black Lives Matter sign, a Mexican and Puerto Rican flag, and an LGBTQ+ pride flag. Our 8th graders showed their values of academic achievement, teamwork, diversity, equity, and inclusion in their design.

Under the direction of the artist group, Green Star Movement, our 8th graders broke tiles and then filled them in with grout onto 8’x4′ boards. Then Green Star Movement will mount the boards onto the wall. Other students in 7th grade will also likely help the next week. It’s a big project!

We celebrated our 8th graders’ accomplishments on June 9 at a brief outdoor Diploma Celebration and then will celebrate again on June 17 with a streamed ceremony open to the public. We love our Class of 2021!

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