Prescott Parent has modified our UFO payment collection plans.

Option 1Online payments, Sep. 3 – 10 only

A new online payment option for the yearly UFO fee available from Sep. 3 – 10 only.

·       This option is available on the Prescott Parents website using the Donate button —  

·       See the attached instructions on how to select the appropriate payment.

·       All student names MUST be added in the optional memo at payment as noted in the attached instructions.

Option 2: Cash payments

·       Cash payments will be collected at the Kiss-n-Go drop off on the day prior to the scheduled UFO day. Payments will no longer be collected at lunch.

·       The only day to pay in cash for the full year is Thursday, Sep. 16.

·       Place all payments in an envelope marked with the student(s) name(s).

·       Payments must be exact change. Volunteers collecting payments will not have cash on hand. Checks cannot be accepted.

Email Prescott Parents with questions —

Please see the updated UFO document attached as 3 UFO dates have been modified (highlighted below).

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