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Hello Prescott families!

Your feedback is needed—take our student wellness survey

We are conducting a survey to understand family perspectives on student wellness. Thank you to all of the families who have completed this survey already. If you would still like the opportunity to share your thoughts, the survey will remain open through Sunday, November 7. Your feedback is critical to supporting our students’ academic and emotional wellbeing.

To complete the survey, please follow this link:
The code to access this survey is: family2021. 

Please reach out to our Northwestern Fellow Saeed Rezko at if you have any questions. We will share with the community an aggregated report in the Fall, Winter, and late Spring. Thank you for your participation!

Support the stained glass windows installation in honor of beloved kindergarten teacher Ms. Pam Downing

In 2015, beloved Kindergarten Teacher Pam Downing passed away from cancer. To memorialize Ms. Downing’s infinite care for each child, her creative teaching, and her collaboration with colleagues and families, I invite you to support the installation of two stained glass windows near her former classroom, Room 104. Contribute what you can: $10, $25,$100, or $1,000. The total cost for the two windows is $5,000.

Click here to Donate to the Pam Downing stained glass window memorial.
In “Write a note,” please write Pam Downing’s name.
Details about the fundraiser are here:Pam Downing memorial: Prescott School stained glass windows (English)

Window 1 (left) Window 2 (right)

Register your child for a free COVID-19 test

To best know if your child is healthy, please register your child for a free weekly Covid test. The test takes about 15 seconds. It’s fast!

Sign up here at this link.

As you complete the form, please add your child’s room number next to their name. This is very helpful to speed up the process. 

For example, Mr. Roche’s name would be Erin (201) if I were a 4th grader in Ms. Swanson’s homeroom.
Erin (201) Roche

Homerooms and teacher names K Lindsay: 101. K Barajas: 103. 1st Kirshner: 102. 1st Stewart: 107. 2nd Blundy 104. 2nd Birnbaum 106. 3rd Phares 301. 3rd Stefan: 307. 4th Swanson: 201. 4th Sophiea: 306. 5th Cowan: 206. 5th Abolt 207.6th Hall: 202. 6th: Edwards: 304. 7th: 205: Showalter. 7th: Gow: 204.8th Page: 203. 8th Schiffern: 305.

Covid testing is voluntary, so its a family decision. Remember our ABCs? Autonomy: “I want to do it.”

Counselor’s Corner
For students who returned the eye exam consent form, they will take place on Friday, 12/3 (new date due to the day off next Friday) and, if needed, Wednesday, 2/9.

Safe2Help IL launched last week for teenagers needing mental health and emotional support. Please share as a resource for your children and help them download the app so that they have access to the resource should they or one of their peers need it.

The Harvard Club of Chicago is hosting an Early College Awareness event for middle school students on Saturday, November 6. Click here to learn more and register for the event.
Counseling Referral Form

Our ABCs for this year!

Autonomy: “I want to do it.”
Belonging: “Let’s do this together.”
Competence: “Let’s do it together.”(research by Ryan and Deci)

I learned from teacher-leaders Amanda Kirshner and Andrea Edwards this past Monday at their Responsive Classroom workshop with about 15 staffPeople have three goals that determine their behavior: they are striving for autonomy, belonging, and competence (ABC). These three goals motive people to act. 

What powerful ABC pillars for our work this school year during the Covid pandemic. For our students, we want to empower them to know how to be safe, practice safety measures, and help others in doing so. These ABCs will help guide our safe actions as well as our academic growth and life skills learning.

Thanks and congratulations!

From Principal Erin Roche and Asst Principal Amanda Malsch: Thanks to parents of Room 103, especially parent leaders Happy Aceves and Leah Christoforidis, for the tasty luncheon on October 29th. 
Thanks to parent-leaders Carrie Bowers, Jim Javenkoski, and Janette Gilmartin for winning a landscaping grant to invigorate the plantings along Wrightwood and Ashland Ave. The ornamental grass and flowers will look beautiful and the mulch helps to preserve and protect the plants.

Art at Prescott

Fourth grade artists in Ms.Manata’s class have been learning about Perspective as part of their Renaissance art study. They have experimented with several drawings and paintings, as this is a tricky process to learn, because the eye wants you to do one thing, while the brain is trying to tell you to do something else! This is where the Renaissance masters brought in mathematics and tools to help them. The 4th grade artists used contemporary artist Grant Haffner as their inspiration for these paintings- to see how the lessons from the Renaissance are still alive and well today!

The 5th grade artists in Ms. Manata’s class have been exploring the different ways that artists have documented America through painting over time. We have gotten up to Peter Max and the Pop Artists. The artists learned about Max’s love for color and how he felt it embodied the American spirit. They got to explore blending colors and mixing colors right on the paper, the way that Peter Max works. They were so proud of their results!

Row 1 : Joanetha, Kari, Anton Row 2: Mateo, Michael, Adan, Row 3: Leilani, Ophir, Alan,Row 4: Lucy, Jasmine, Scarlett, Row 5: Patrick, Lucius, Brooke Row. 6 : Harper, Seamus, Riley

“My favorite part was the message. I stretched as an artist, how I did is when I used different layers and shaded. I learned to paint using both sides of the brush. Peter Max uses a lot of color unlike other American artist.” -Ophir Valter

The 6th and 8th grade artists in Ms. Manata’s art class have been experimenting with sculpture. They learned about two contemporary artists who use unusual ideas and materials to create their work. Artist Lenka Clayton creates “Lost Childhood Objects” and Japanese artist Monomi Ohno creates amazing detailed recreations of everyday objects out of Amazon boxes.The artists were challenged to create a “memory” that tells us something about them using only cardboard boxes.

Artsonia at Prescott– check out 30,000 Prescott student pieces of artwork!

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