Prescott’s Fall Book Fair is coming soon IN PERSON! Mark your calendars to help support Prescott as all purchases benefit our school.

Visit the Scholastic book fair for a chance to buy gifts for the upcoming holidays, performance rewards, and great books to encourage reading!

The book fair will be open in the multipurpose room at the times shown below during November 29th – December 3rd. NOTE: Please scroll down below for Volunteer opportunities. 

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to make every effort to create a safe and healthy environment for our school community. To do this, we will limit the number of patrons to 10 students or 10 family groups at a time and encourage patrons to browse and/or purchase books in a timely manner so that others waiting outside can get an opportunity to make purchases. Also, we will follow the schedule below by grade levels to support our social distancing efforts in our very limited space (staff lounge). Please take a look below at the schedule and plan your time to attend the book fair ONLY on the day/times shown. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding to help us safely run the in-person book fair.

If you are unable to attend the Fair in person, we invite you to visit our Online Fair at during November 29th – December 3rd.


LOTS of VOLUNTEERS are needed to run this event. Book fair volunteers will be involved in checking out students/adults at the register, straightening up books, walking around and helping students choose or calculate the cost of the books they’ve chosen. If you are new to volunteering at the book fair, please rest assured that this is a fun and easy way to help students cultivate the love of reading! A detailed email with instructions will be sent out prior to the fair and many of the current volunteers are veterans so they will be able to provide any support you need. ALL VOLUNTEERS entering the school building with students present are required to be fully Covid-19 vaccinated. Also, volunteers must be a Level 2 volunteer (click here for application).

Sign up to volunteer!

Please Click Hereand sign up for any of the open shifts or contact us and we’ll add you to the schedule.   

Thank you for supporting our readers!

Linda Cho and Heather Rosedale

Prescott Book Fair Pack Leaders

Linda Cho: or 847-476-0633 

Heather Rosedale: 

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