Do you remember how amazing it was? The toasting, laughing, dancing, and love, at Prescott’s 2022 benefit?

This year will be our 10th annual benefit, coming up soon on March 4th 2023. Join us! Treat yourself to an enchanting night out, feeling great and doing good with our beautiful community.

Give yourself the chance to experience Prescott’s charming families and faculty, authentic artwork, awesome prizes, good vibes, and sheer pride.

Save the date, get the early discount (save $20 per person, this week only), and start getting excited. This year’s venue will be spectacular (anyone like classic cars?)

Let’s double down on our community, and show Chicago how to show up for public education. The Prescott Benefit is more necessary and more affordable than you may know. Spread the word!


Saturday, March 4th

From 7pm to Midnight

4043 North Ravenswood


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