Get ready for Prescott Kindness Week Monday, February 13-17th.

Student Kindness Week Activities include:

  •  A special spirit week where each day represents a kindness theme. 
  •  K-2 students will be learning/practicing different acts of kindness each day of the week. They will also make Valentine’s or Kindness cards for a local VFW.
  •  3rd-5th grade students will participate in a kindness challenge, where their classes will choose an act of kindness for the day and their teacher will set a goal for how many times the class should participate in that act each day. If they meet their goal for each day of the week, the class will earn a “party” – playing games, popcorn, etc. The class that completes the most acts of kindness overall will earn a bonus event. (More information to come on how families can help organize these events for their homerooms.)
  • Middle school students can volunteer to organize care packages. Students will work with parent volunteers to create home packages for refugees.  The packages will then be delivered by parent volunteers to one of the Refugee One sites. (More information to come on parent volunteer opportunities.)

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