There is no better place to create a caring community than in our schools – the heart of our future.

Do you have a talent or skill to share?

Do you want to help build community and have tons of fun!

We’re seeking “Parent Experiences” to offer during the annual benefit (to be scheduled on a later date of your choosing).

These experiences will be parent-hosted offerings, where attendance fees are donated toward the Prescott Benefit’s totals.

“Experiences” can range from an intimate at-home cooking class (grandma’s best recipe!), a wine-tasting, a kickball game, or celebrating a made-up holiday (National Donut Day meet-up, anyone?). Share your talent, or just your enthusiasm, to help us raise funds, make new friends, and build strong bonds.

Utilize your resources (access to a Yoga studio?), leverage your friends (yoga instructors?, sommeliers?), enlist your older kids (babysitting?, snow shoveling?), or simply have a blast (trivia night?)

You pick the date. You set the price. You bring the magic!

Be sure to sign up by February 20th, so we can add your experience to the offerings during the March 4th benefit.

Logistics: In hosting a Parent Party you are agreeing to pay for all expenses related to the party (feel free to partner up with other parents to split the costs). You decide how many people to host. You will also determine the charge for your event per person (we can help you decide!). The money raised will go to the Benefit’s fundraising efforts! 

Fill out this form to get started!

Need more ideas, or a little encouragement? Reach out to Jackie to discuss:


Saturday, March 4th

From 7pm to Midnight

4043 North Ravenswood

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