We Noticed!

You showed up, you showed off (outfits! dance moves! smiles! gallery-worthy artwork!), and you stood up. We noticed. We saw the hands go up, in real-time, to declare support for our school during Prescott’s 2023 Benefit this past Saturday night. 

We watched, as specific supplies, added by each teacher to their Wish Tree list, were plucked. One by one, side by side, the community of Prescott supporters and staff stood together, to ensure our school will stay vibrant in 2023 and beyond.

We Did It! 

We surpassed both our $90,000 Benefit goal (at $96,000 and counting) and our $100,000 goal for the year. Truly amazing. All of your contributions will be noticed by the students, in ways big and small. 

Thank You.

Please take a moment to thank each other; at drop off, in the halls, or in passing. Whether through timetalent, or treasure, the list of contributors is staggering. 

Be sure to keep our amazing Corporate and Family Sponsors in mind, and let’s give a super-sized thanks to all of our volunteers for seeing this massive effort through. 

Thank you to our teachers and staff for providing amazing experiences to share with our students!

Please see the attached document for all our amazing donors and volunteers!

Prescott Stands Strong

Because of you. Thank you!

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