Volunteers needed!

Visit the Scholastic book fair between Monday, May 1st through Friday, May 5th for a great chance to buy gifts, performance rewards and great books to encourage reading! This book fair will be Buy One Get One Free!! Also, eWallet continues to be an easy, user-friendly option this year. Encourage anyone in your family to contribute so students may take full advantage of Buy One Book, Get One Free!


How It Works:

⦁ Create an account for each child

⦁ Add funds…

⦁ …or invite family and friends to contribute

⦁ Shop the Book Fair

⦁ Spend unused funds online or fund an eWallet for your next Fair!

*Please be aware that after the Fair, remaining eWallet funds are not returned to a credit card but instead, become a gift card balance that can be used online with Scholastic or to fund an eWallet for a future Book Fair. Be sure to sign in with the same email used to create the eWallet.

To set up an eWallet or find out more about the book fair, go to: https://www.scholastic.com/bf/prescottelementaryschool1

The book fair will be open in the multipurpose room at the times shown below during Monday, May 1st through May 5th: 

Monday-Thursday  8:15-8:45am, 11:00am-1:45pm, and 3:45-4:30pm

Friday  8:15-8:45am

*no lunchtime or after-school hours on Friday

Lots of volunteers are STILL needed to run this event. Please take a look at any of the open shifts and sign up by clicking this link:


Or contact Heather and she will add you to the schedule.

Thanks to those who have already volunteered for a time slot or two! 

We are still in need of MANY volunteers. Book fair volunteers will be involved in checking out students/adults at the register, straightening up books, walking around and helping students choose or calculate the cost of the books they’ve chosen. If you are new to volunteering at the book fair, please rest assured that this is a fun and easy way to help students cultivate the love of reading! A detailed email with instructions will be sent out prior to the fair and many of the current volunteers are veterans so they will be able to provide any support you need.

As of right now the LUNCH time book fair will not open Wednesday. There are still morning and after-school shifts that are open as well. If you can help, we need people for the following times:

Tuesday 3:45pm-4:30pm

Wednesday 8:15am-8:45am and 11:15am-1:45pm

Thursday: 8:15am-8:45am

Friday: 8:15am-8:45am

If we do not have two volunteers for each of these shifts, the book fair will be closed and kids will not be able to shop for books during the times above. Please sign up or email which day and time you can help.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you!

Heather Rosedale and Dawoine Camel

Heather_D_Sturtz@yahoo.com, (773) 520-2027

DawoineCamel@gmail.com, (206) 910-6941

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