Dear Prescott Community,

We have an immediate opportunity to help Prescott move one step closer to having a full-sized gym and auditorium!

As you may know, a new Prescott Parents Wolfpack has recently been established to address Prescott’s need for a full gym and auditorium. Learn more about our community’s vision for this space, and find ways to get involved at

Take two minutes to help Prescott move one step closer to this vision: Please tell CPS our students need a new gym and auditorium. The district has just launched a brief survey asking for input on how to spend its capital funding. Please use the tips below to complete the brief CPS 2023 Capital Survey before the deadline on Tuesday, May 9 at This is a critical opportunity for the Prescott community to voice our students’ need for a gym and auditorium.

Some tips for taking the survey:

  • The survey asks you to proportionally assign weight to 5 different categories for funding. While athletic and recreational facilities are not one of these categories, we believe that the “Site Improvements” category best aligns with Prescott’s needs. We encourage you to weight these categories based on your preferences, but we also recommend that you put at least some substantial weight on “Site Improvements.”
  • Question 9 asks, “Do you want to recommend a prioritized list of Capital Needs for a specific CPS school?” Please select “Yes” and answer the remaining questions in support of a gym and auditorium for Prescott. 
  • Question 12 has a list of capital needs, none of which is a gym. We recommend selecting “Existing Stadium and Pool Facility Renovations” and using Question 15 to further explain. Also, this is an opportunity to identify other needs for Prescott such as Restroom Upgrades, and IT & Security Investments. 
  • Our rationale for the gym and auditorium is that Prescott’s current space is not a full-sized gymnasium and is inadequate for a 21st Century learning environment. PE activities have to be modified, our students cannot play sports such as basketball or volleyball, and we cannot run full-school performances and activities. These are things that should be standard in a K-8 school, and it is Prescott’s turn to receive this much-needed investment. 

Thank you for helping Prescott move one step closer to the 21st-century learning environment our students deserve! 


Prescott Parents Gym/Auditorium Wolfpack

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