Please see Principal Roche’s welcome note below outlining student morning arrival and afternoon dismissal.

Please see the map below for student morning arrival and afternoon dismissal. All extra time on the first day of school.

School starts at 8:30, and students can arrive then.  Classes start at 8:45am, when teachers escort students into the building. Supervised breakfast is available at 8:30am for all students in the cafeteria. Please do not drop off students before 8:30, because there is no student supervision until 8:30.  If families need a place for students before school, please consider Wrightwood Park or Right at School

Parents may take advantage of the Kiss n Go drive-and-drop off program from 8:30 a.m.-8:45 a.m. where volunteers greet students in your car on Marshfield or Wrightwood Streets and escort them to their morning arrival class area.

At 8:30, the Security Guard Ms. V puts out the horse to partially block the driveway. Please note that the driveway will not be accessible by cars until students have cleared. 
Parents can say goodbye to students at the driveway entrance, where Security Guard Ms. V will greet students and supervise them along with many Special Education Classroom Assistants (SECAs): Ms. MJ, Mr. Stewart, Ms. Gillespie, Ms. Barajas, Ms. Poole, Ms. Orozco, Ms. Farley, Ms. LaDonna, Ms. Bree, and Ms. Smith. SECAs will escort young, new, or nervous children from the driveway to the playground.  With over 450 students, an additional 200+ family members in the playground leads to unsafe congestion.

On the first day only, parents of Kindergartners only may accompany their child to to the playground and then to the classroom door.

If a parent would like to commit to volunteering M-F to supervise student arrival, please register for Level 1 volunteering. 

Looking forward to a great learning year!

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