Please see Principal Roche’s update including Prescott’s June newsletter, 2020-2021 academic schedule, and the 2020-2021 Remote Learning Guide.

Dear Prescott families and friends,

Yesterday was the end of our extraordinary school year, but our students’ and adult learning continues.  Please create a rough routine for your children this summer to include:

  • Reading fun, engaging books from your home or the public library.
  • Exploring math skills and concepts through your child’s IXL subscription or math problems from your child’s teachers, such as the 6-8th grade Summer Book Challenge.
  • Talk about your daily life, problems, solutions in a kid-friendly way. 
  • Model and expect kindness from your child(ren) to others.
  • Ask your child’s teachers for additional opportunities for learning.
  • Celebrate insights and excitement about learning! 

Teachers and staff continue to prepare teaching and learning for Remote Learning and in-person learning in the Fall.

  • 15 of us SECAs and teachers spend 30 online hours in the past two weeks learning about Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) from Mindful Practices and will earn certificates.
  • 12 of us read and discussed in a book club Mathematical Mindsets 
  • 3 of us read and discussed in an art book club: Studio thinking from the start
  • Some 25 of us have committed to becoming Google Certified Educator Level 1
  • Many of us are attending Chicago Literacy Group Summer Institutes to adapt instruction to Remote Learning.
  • Our SEL Team is vetting from an inspiring list of books for our collective learning in 2020-21
  • Our EdTech Team has created a Remote Learning website to share with you soon. They’ve also developed best practices for making pre-recorded videos and streamlined platforms so you’ll have fewer to manage.
  • Our Math Team is deep into ways to take our math teaching and learning to the level of deep student conceptual understanding. 
  • Our teachers and Coach Jenn Moore are developing a set of orientation videos to support you. 
  • We are in the process of applying for a grant to outfit staff at home with the Zoom and other subscriptions as well as hardware such as large monitors to enhance their teaching and ultimately, your child(ren)’s learning.  

On the next page, please find Prescott’s draft 2020-21 calendar (below) as well as the district’s calendar. Attached again is the school’s Remote Learning plan for Fall, 2020 for your preparation.  In late July, we’ll send additional information about supplies and materials you’ll need to have at home for your children’s learning.

We will meet the challenges of Remote Learning or a hybrid with in-person learning.  Together, we will emerge from this pandemic stronger, closer, and smarter than ever!  I look forward to working with you in partnership for all our children..

Erin Roche


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