Dear Prescott families and friends, 

Saludos!  Greetings! I hope you and yours are healthy and safe!

The school year starts in three weeks and Prescott School will be ready for Remote Learning.  The pandemic has made life very difficult on everyone and, for some of us, tragedy has struck.  I am especially empathetic for those of you feeling the pandemic’s ravaging effects of personal loss, job loss, or extra childcare or grandparent care.  

The attached guidance (download below) follows up previous school and district guidance.  Here you will find:

  1. Our commitment to high-quality, holistic learning for 100% of our students.    
  2. Initial schedules for grades K-8. They are subject to change.
  3. Supply lists for your child at home k-5 (middle school 6-8th grade supply list was sent to parents via Bloomz).  
  4. Resources for you.

Erin Roche, Principal

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