Please see the information below from Steve and Kate’s camp (a benefit supporter) and Unicoi Art Studio (a Right at School partner) regarding their offerings for families.

Steve and Kate’s
We’ve recently launched two programs: Steve & Kate Online–Where kids can log-on and participate in any number of virtual activities; and, the primary reason I’m emailing you, Counselors At Home–Where families can pair-up, and book vetted counselors into their home whenever they want.

We know that schools and families are currently looking for ways to deal with virtual learning and new schedules, and I believe our new Counselors At Home Program can help!

· It’s flexible, and there are no commitments. No one knows how long social distancing will last, so there’s no need to stress over planning for it. Families can book a 4 hour session, or an 8 hour session, just for the days they need it. There are no minimum bookings, and you can cancel up until the day before at no cost.

· Support for teachers, parents, & kids. We believe teachers should be the ones teaching right now, but our counselors will be there to help troubleshoot any technology issues, keep the kiddos on track, and relieve the parents. Counselors will also come equipped with a bag full of supplies to lead play-based activities for the rest of the day, and help supplement virtual learning.

In case you’re interested in learning more, please see the attached flyer, or visit the Chicago Counselors At Home page, here:

Jess Handibode | Chicago
Steve & Kate Counselors at Home

Unicoi Art Studio

We have some fantastic Learning pod ( and virtual class promotions! We also have after school camp which is a very nice option for some parents. Please see the website:

Nora Stewart

2059 w. Belmont Chgo. Il. 60618
P: 773.975.6515
Unicoi Art Studio

Facebook | Unicoi Art Studio

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