March 19, 2021

Dear Prescott families and friends!

The recent tragedy in Atlanta is a reminder to me that we have a lot of work to make sure that we welcome and embrace all our fellow humans, including our Asian-American friends and neighbors. My 4th grade son, Jameson, just read The Watsons go to Birmingham, a Newbery Honor Book by renowned African-American author Christopher Paul Curtis. The book is hilarious and also seriously probes in an age- appropriate way the awfulness of the 16th St. Church bombing in 1963. The story helped him understand today’s landscape and the anti-racist work he can do.

You can invite a safe conversation with your child(ren) by telling them what happened in words they understand. Then ask them if they have questions. Join them in brainstorming ways to learn more about people who look and celebrate life in different ways than your family. When you do this, you build inclusiveness. I especially call on our white families to talk about race in ways that celebrate and honor our amazing Asian, Black, and Latino heroes and friends.

I look forward to collaborating with you in our journey together.

Erin Roche, Principal

Hybrid updates

Hybrid students continue learning at home if sick: Hybrid students who feel sick but able to attend via Remote Learning if they feel well enough. They will NOT be marked absent. They can continue to learn via Remote Learning even if Hybrid. Their continued learning is important.

   Water bottles: Students are allowed to drink water throughout the day via water bottles. Teachers and staff ensure that students keep their mask over their heads but simply lift the lower part of the mask while they sip. Water bottles with straws are preferred, because they’re easier for students to navigate. Each classroom’s layout, furniture, and size is different, so teachers have different ways and timing for students to access their water bottles.

Charging stations in classrooms: Students’ chromebooks or iPads require charging throughout the day, so teachers have created various ways to best and safely charge devices.

Thanks to family feedback and patience regarding hybrid updates. We want to ensure clear communication about district safety rules as well as individual practices and procedures in each classroom.


Mon, 3/22

Group A Hybrid, Group B Remote Learning Kindergarten (in-area) registration for 2021-22

Tue, 3/23

Group A Hybrid, Group B Remote Learning Kindergarten (in-area) registration for 2021-22

Wed, 3/24

All K-8 students in Remote Learning Kindergarten (in-area) registration for 2021-22

Thu, 3/25

Group A Remote Learning, Group B Hybrid Kindergarten (in-area) registration for 2021-22

Fri, 3/26

Group A Remote Learning, Group B Hybrid Kindergarten (in-area) registration for 2021-22

Mon, 3/29-Fri, Apr 2

School closed for Spring Break

Keep reading! Ask questions! Be curious! Stay well!

Mon, 4/5

Learning resumes

8-8:30am 3-5th grade choir resumes

Group A Hybrid, Group B Remote Learning

Tue, 4/6

8-8:30 6-8th grade choir resumes

Group A Hybrid, Group B Remote Learning Group A Hybrid, Group B Remote Learning

Wed, 4/7

All K-8 students in Remote Learning

Thu, 4/8

Group A Remote Learning, Group B Hybrid

Fri, 4/9

Group A Remote Learning, Group B Hybrid

Prescott School attendance

The school is committed to doing more to make all students feel comfortable, welcome, and excited about learning at all grade levels.

Overall 97.56%

African-American 95.46%

Hispanic 96.97% White 98.62%

Asian 98.63% Multi-ethnicity 97.77%

Art at Prescott

The 4th grade artists studied the art of Wayne Thiebaud and looked at how he used any color but black for shadows. Using this new knowledge and building upon their perspective skills, they created these amazing cakes.

The 8th grade artists explored the ancient art of Micography. See where the words of the subject or the person make up the lines that create their portrait.

The Kindergarten artists studied Georgia O’Keeffe’s Sky Above Clouds as part of their study of weather in art. They created their own painted paper to create these collages and tried to make clouds that were large, medium and small.

5th grade artists studied Betye Saar.

Austin B, Grade 5: I learned that Betye Saar was a black woman who was treated unequally and she grew up fighting sterotypes with art. The art that was made is nothing of the ordinary. She made assembled junk and objects into her art, making statues of something that represents friendship and peace. I chose to fight

the stereotype in which I was called a “nerd”. I didn’t like when people called me that because they always put it in a negative way. A nerd isn’t always a bad thing, but I am smart and a student like everyone else. I added many things to represent me. I have a person climbing outdoors, a climbing hold, and a #1 to represent me liking climbing. I put a computer and 10101001 to show I like programming. I put a house in the top right corner to show that I love traveling to places.

Prescott Parent Board Elections April 21, 2021

Candidate applications are due March 22, 2021

Prescott Parents is holding elections for the Board of Directors positions on April 21, 2021 and you are encouraged to apply. There are 8 total board positions to be filled during this election . There are up to 13 Board of Directors positions total.

Prescott Parents strives to make the Board of Directors representative of the student body and believes that diverse backgrounds make a strong parent organization. Please consider joining the Board of Directors to make an impact at Prescott. This is a good role for you if you have limited time but want to make a big impact on the school community. The Board meets monthly (approximately one to one and half hour) and all Directors are responsible for individual projects depending on individual interests. We are currently meeting remotely via Zoom with a remote option to continue when in-person meetings are available to allow flexibility in attendance.

Candidate applications are due March 22, 2021. Please ask for an application from Prescott Parents via email:

Estimada comunidad de Prescott,

Prescott Parents celebrará elecciones para los puestos de la Junta Directiva el 21 de abril de 2021 y se le anima a presentar su solicitud. Hay un total de 8 puestos en la junta que se cubrirán durante esta elección. Hay hasta 13 puestos en la Junta Directiva en total.

Prescott Parents se esfuerza por hacer que la Junta Directiva sea representativa del cuerpo estudiantil y cree que la diversidad de antecedentes constituye una sólida organización de padres. Considere unirse a la Junta Directiva para tener un impacto en Prescott. Este es un buen papel para ti si tienes poco tiempo pero quieres tener un gran impacto en la comunidad escolar. La Junta se reúne mensualmente (aproximadamente de una hora a una hora y media) y todos los directores son responsables de los proyectos individuales según los intereses individuales. Actualmente nos reunimos de forma remota a través de Zoom con una opción remota para

 continuar cuando las reuniones en persona están disponibles para permitir flexibilidad en la asistencia.

Las solicitudes de los candidatos vencen el 22 de marzo de 2021 y se puede pedir una applicacion del Prescott Parents por correo electrónico:

Download the entire newsletter below.

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