Prescott’s class sizes are down, which means extra individual attention from our award-winning educators. Yay!

However, this also means our CPS funding has fallen sharply per classroom. To keep up the great work, we need more than CPS can provide. Prescott needs you, especially right now.

In fact, another open secret is… We’re targeting at least $250 per student of additional funding in 2023 to fill the CPS funding gap and keep the services our kids rely on every day. That’s less than $5 per week, for award-winning education and low teacher-student ratios.

Our educators and administrators are brilliant, crafty, and scrappy. They work wonders with what they have, and still end up self-funding materials, or making impossible choices.

Simply put… To keep weaving gold, they need more hay.

Our annual benefit is the time to show up and help keep our school strong. Itemized charitable donations will directly reduce your taxable income, so you’ll get a large portion of any itemized donation right back at tax time. Many employers will match donations, and extended family members are often willing to pitch in as well… But only when asked. Now is the time to ask. 

Help us keep our secret sauce flowing, full of love, support, and extra special individual attention.


Saturday, March 4th

From 7pm to Midnight

4043 North Ravenswood

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